HelloWorld Robotics Project CARE Dedicated to COVID19 Solutions

COVID 19 is speeding the adoption of autonomous delivery technology, HelloWorld Robotics is rolling out robots to help fight it and provide services and care to those quarantined or practicing social distancing. This pandemic has fast-tracked the "testing" of robots in public as officials seek out the most expedient and safe way to grapple with the outbreak and limit contamination and spread of the virus. Moreover, although these robots are self-driving machines, they can also be controlled remotely, thereby saving manpower by reducing patrolling responsibilities and preventing cross-infection.


During the COVID 19 outbreak, HelloWorld Robotics will be mainly concentrating on deploying robots to provide contact-less delivery and sanitizing services not only to bring down the labor cost but also to reduce the risk of COVID 19, to avoid human-human contact and to prevent cross-infection fighting against COVID 19. Any use cases and projects related to COVID 19 will be our first priority. HelloWorld Robotics is also now raising funds to deploy more robots to cover more indoor/outdoor scenarios. Feel free to check out our latest blog about this!